ATBEIRUT is a conscious and ethical, premium ready-to-wear brand, proudly made in Lebanon.
Co-founders of the brand combine traditional Lebanese craftsmanship with Swiss perfectionism.


To empower and inspire the fashion conscious buyer, by embracing each persons alluring individuality, no matter size, body shape or color; through our unique limited designs, made-to-measure availability and ethical production. 


Exclusivity and quality: 
by producing limited quantities and making to your measurements when requested.
Support the local community: 
by partnering with local workshops and artisans who preserve traditional skills.
By sourcing locally as much as possible.
Campaign shoots are done across beautiful Lebanon.
Minimize waste: 
by producing per order, finding creative ways to use off-cuts in our designs or samples.
Minimizing packaging and using biodegradable materials. 
Repurposing existing pieces into new ones.


Alessandra & Tala ATBEIRUT Founders

ATBEIRUT was born in 2018, by sister-in-law Alessandra and Tala. Although they grew up thousands of km from each other, destiny brought them together in Beirut City in 2013. Not too long after, they discovered that both have always dreamed about having their own, slow fashion label one day. So in 2018, they decided it was time, to merge skills and pursue their dream together.

Sister-in-law, made their mission to touch their clients and partners life, by committing to design pieces ethically and that inspire their clients, to allure their individuality, with clothes that last a lifetime and fit them perfectly. But more than that, empower them to feel beautiful and proud to be wearing an ethical and conscious Lebanese Designer Label.

Tala Maalouf, ATBEIRUT’s Fashion Designer, takes inspiration from her beloved and unique country Lebanon. From the architecture, that still show scars of difficult days passed and the beautiful scenery that renews hope, with every seasons transformation. Daily encounters and experiencies, remind her of the importance to continue supporting the local community and creating opportunities for brighter days ahead. 
The Designer creates all hand-drawn patterns herself and local tailors help finalize each piece with the highest finishings. All pieces are 100% made in Lebanon. 

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Tala  graduated from Esmod Beirut in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting. During her final fashion runway project, she won the prize of best pattern drafting and immediately after was invited to join Azzi and Osta. Tala’s fine craftsmanship helped Azzi and Osta achieve their challenging conceptual volumes, that make their brand aesthetic so unique. During her 4-year tenure, as Assistant Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker at one of the finest Beirut’s Atelier, Tala was ready to start her own fashion label as Fashion Designer and Creative Director. She always had a natural talent for drawing and sketching, which allowed her to develop her own design ideas and create sophisticated pieces with effortless elegance, proudly designed and produced in Lebanon. 

Swiss-Brazilian, Alessandra Rechsteiner, is born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil until she was 18 years old. She then moved to Switzerland for her university studies and graduated from École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in 2015, with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. Alessandra always wished to work in the fashion industry and it persisted throughout her studies, so she attended on her holidays the Summer Fashion Course at Polimoda, Italy in 2012. During her final year at EHL, she specialized in entrepreneurship, aiming to have her own brand one day. Today, she embraces her past work experiences organizing fashion shows, private events for VIP clients, always providing an excellent service level, to be ATBEIRUT's Co-Founder Brand and Communications Director. Together with Tala they research trends, materials and develop new ideas on how to work everyday in a more conscious and ethical way.